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Anna Gasior

100% satisfied

I just wanted to express my appreciation for your service and support. After I'd learned that a wig I'd ordered for my grandma wasn't going to be in stock for the next couple of months, you then offered me a service where you send different wigs to try at home. The manager offered 3 wigs that are similar to the one I needed and since I required them urgently it was posted to my address via an express delivery. The recommendation was spot on, the wig is really beautiful and to be honest much nicer than the one my grandma wanted before. Once again thank you for you help and great customer service, this is much appreciated. <br />

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Andrea H.

Kira mono in Blond-Grey Root

This style is perfect - it’s wearable right out of the box and fits beautifully. I’d been searching for the perfect blonde and this is it. It’s a cool rooted blonde with light brown lowlights. The density is perfect - it looks and feels natural and feels unbelievably lightweight. The lace front and mono top are flawless. This has fast become my go-to style.

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sheila S.

Kira Mono

I received my new Kira just 4 short days after ordering!! I have not had good luck ordering wigs online.. I watched a review of Kira on Tazswig closet.. I ordered skeptically however, when I received her, and put her on right out of the box I was in love!! Sooo natural looking lace front is completely undetectable.. and it is sooo comfortable! 100% satisfied and will be buying more wigs from you!!

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Lesley Hopper

On Line Shopping Brought to a New Level

I made my first purchase, which will be the first of many, from Continental Wigs in August. Netty responded to my initial email and guided me through the purchase. She was amazing and ensured that my needs were met. In a time of virtual correspondence, establishing a personal customer/retailer relationship is challenging but Netty and her team rose to the occasion. Thanks Netty and Continental Wigs UK. You bring online shopping to a new level.

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mrs Brenda Johnstone

all wigs

I have been a customer for a few years. I work in a shop and customers comment often how lovely my hair is { where do you have it done?} That tells you just how well made your wigs are. I have changed styles and colour now and again with such confidence,for me having to wear a wig. I now have Avanti which is close to my hair[ WIG} when i first started to wear one because of a hereditary problem. My Daughters comment yesterday was.MUM IS BACK ITS LOVELY GET A 2ND ONE I DID VIA GEMMA THIS AM SO THANK YOU because my life would be unbearable with out you. KEEP SAFE FROM BRENDA

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margaret S.

Simply the best

Continental gives you the best service and care, no need to look elsewhere. <br /> Simply the best.

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Margaret Parks

A big company can't match a small family business!

I will always purchase my wigs from Continental. Their communication is great, excellent customer service, very generous inspection and return option, great selection and resonable prices. I have never been even slightly disappointed! I highly recommend this company.

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Top Notch

I never expected to have such great customer service from a company outside of the US! Netty and the team is top notch in responding to customer inquiries the next business day without delay. I have been using ContinentalWigs for several years and they never disappoint on quality, price or service and DHL delivers quickly to the US.

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Melissa K.
Verified purchase

You have such wonderful, personal customer service and reliable and quick communication and shipping even to international customers like myself. I love that I can easily purchase Belle Madame wigs from your site. The lace fronts are amazing and they fit my petite head so much better than any American brands.

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Kayla F.
Verified purchase

The amazing folks at Continental Wigs should be knighted. I have bought from them three times at this point and they couldn’t be more helpful and accommodating. Their customer service is superior to any other company I have purchased wigs from. I ordered two wigs last week that I need before this weekend and they assured me they would have them to me. My order had not shipped two days before the weekend and I reached out to them explaining how worried I was and they responded immediately explaining the situation. They told me they would do everything in their power to get them to me and they did! I don’t know many companies that would go out of their way to overnight an order out of their pocket for a customer, but Continental is not your typical company. You have definitely made a customer for life with me! Thank you again for your stellar support and your beautiful products. You are all so wonderful!

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