Belle Madame Medical Brochure

Belle Madame Medical Brochure

Belle Madame has released a helpful guide on the effects of hair loss for the individual, below is a snippet form that guide. A link to the full booklet will be provided below.


Hair loss is the most obvious side effect of chemotherapy.

Most people who undergo chemotherapy experience considerable hair loss.
The emotional turmoil hair loss creates is yet another major burden added to the other health problems of the person undergoing treatment. When hair falls out self-esteem plummets.

The soul suffers too. A full head of hair symbolizes vitality, attractiveness and self-confidence.

If you are confronted with this problem, you need to consider what would be the best thing to do about it.

This brochure will assist you in dealing with the subject of hair loss and help you to find the solution that is best for you.


Cancer cells are known to divide frequently. This is what causes cancer to spread and to travel.

Chemotherapy is designed to target frequently dividing cells and to inhibit their dividing mechanism.
Simply stated, chemotherapy inhibits the reproduction of cancer cells. Hair cells are also known to divide frequently.
This is what makes hair grow. Unfortunately, chemotherapy does not differentiate between frequently dividing cancer cells or frequently dividing hair cells.
Therefore, chemotherapy is as effective at arresting the development and reproduction of hair cells as it is with cancer cells resulting in significant hair loss. Usually the hair starts to grow two to four weeks after the last treatment. After another six weeks enough hair may have grown for wearing a short hair style.

Click HERE to download the full brochure

Belle Madame Medical Brochure


on May 15, 2023


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