A first-timer’s guide to the wonderful world of wigs      


If you’re new to the world of wigs and wig wearing, the whole experience may seem immensely daunting – if not downright terrifying.

Added to that, if you haven’t confided in anyone about why you may be entering this strange new world, there’s no-one to call on for moral or practical support from your usual back-up network of friends or family.

But have no fear. It’s natural to be apprehensive about something new – but there’s also plenty of reason to find it an exciting voyage of discovery. Based on the kind of questions our experts are asked every day, here are our top tips for a wig-wearing beginner.

Where do I start?

First and foremost, you need to choose the right wig for you. There’s a vast range of colours, cuts and styles, plus different materials and techniques used in how the headpiece is put together. Our friendly team at Continental Wigs is the best port of call if you’re bewildered by the choice, but there are a few basic pointers.

If you’re a newcomer to wig wearing, initially opt for a colour, style and cut which are all close to your own natural hair to help you feel more comfortable and confident. As time goes on, you may want to try a subtle transition to another colour and style or even start experimenting with a completely new look. Check out our Colour Matching Service for help with choosing just the right tone for you.

For the most natural look, particularly if you want to wear your hair away from your face, a lace front wig is your best bet. The superfine front gives you an undetectable hairline and the delicate hand-tied finish enables you to part your hair in whatever way suits you. A hand-tied wig (where each hair is hand tied onto a mesh cap) is not only soft and comfortable to wear, it also mimics the look of all-over natural hair growth – which allows you to try out different styles.

Once you’ve bought your new wig, you can get it cut and shaped by your stylist to make sure it complements you perfectly and gives you just the right look.

Do wigs come in different sizes?

Yes, they do. Take a look at our Fitting Instructions to see how to measure yourself so you can choose a wig that is the perfect size for you. Remember that all our wigs come with adjustable straps so they can be tightened or loosened to ensure a snug fit. You certainly don’t want to choose a size which is too tight, causing pressure, discomfort and possible damage to your own hair.

How do I try on a wig for the first time?

Firstly you need to prepare your own hair, if you still have natural hair to cover. Short hair can be brushed away from your face and pinned in place towards the back of your head. You may want to help keep it in place with a bit of hairspray. Longer hair should be put into French plaits tight against your scalp, crossed over just above the nape of the neck and then secured at the top and bottom with clips or kirby grips.

You may decide you want to wear a wig cap to keep your natural hair in place. In which case, place it along your hairline and stretch it over to the back of your head. Then tuck away any stray hairs and secure it with clips or kirby grips.

Now unwrap your new wig, hold the front of it with both hands (making sure the label is at the back), tilt your head forward, place the front of the wig along your front hairline and slide it on from there. Adjust the wig until it feels comfortable and sits neatly along your natural hairline. You can then secure it firmly in place with wig clips or wig tape.

Will my wig look natural?

 Advances in wig making technology in recent years mean that there is a vast array of natural-looking hairpieces to choose from, which can bear even the closest of inspections.

 By following our tips on choosing the best wig for you, and taking care of it to keep it as fresh and beautiful as you would your real hair, you can be assured of a natural look that won’t let you down.

What if my wig slips or falls off in public?

Forget the cringe-worthy sitcom moments of yesteryear. Times, thankfully, have changed – and so has hairpiece technology. Today’s wigs have various features designed to keep them safe and secure.

Almost all wigs are fitted with drawstring straps to adjust the tightness of the cap to exactly match the size of your head, for a nice snug fit. Some wigs also have combs in the front, back and sides which can be pushed into your own hair for extra stability.

You can use wig clips or adhesive wig tape to keep your new hair rock solidly in position, and some people like the additional reassurance of a wig cap underneath.

Will other people notice I’m wearing a wig?

With the range of modern wigs available to suit you, your personality and your lifestyle, there’s no reason why anyone needs to know you’re wearing a wig except you.

But, as you grow in wig wearing confidence – and realise how many other wig wearers are out there, including numerous celebrities – you may start to care a lot less about what people think and more about how you can change your look to suit your mood or the occasion.

So, now you’ve learned about the basics, be brave, be bold and embrace the freedom of the wig-wearing world – where you can enjoy the comfort of your natural look or have some fun changing your hairstyle as easily as changing your clothes.

  • For more information or advice about choosing a wig or wearing one for the first time, please get in touch. Our friendly team would love to hear from you.