Intensive Care For Colour Treated Human Hair

Natural Softness And Silky Shine

Especially for the upscale needs of the BELLE MADAME NATURAL HAIR LINE, the VITAL care product range has been developed. In most elaborate development work, a high-quality, nutrient-rich hair care line for colour and chemically treated human hair has been obtained. The products stand out with their exceptionally intensive care formula, which is based on a highly effective combination of shea butter and jojoba oil.

They strengthen damaged hair sustainably and give naturally silky softness and shine. The innovative care formulas in conjunction with pro-vitamin B5 fill thin and brittle spots, seal them and moisturize. In this manner, the hair gets back the nutrients which healthy hair needs.



Brush the human hair wig while dry, thoroughly, from tips to roots, until all tangles are removed. To do this, please use a brush with rounded bristle tips, such as the BELLE MADAME HUMAN HAIR BRUSH or a coarse comb with rounded ends, such as the BELLE MADAME WASHING COMB. Important! Do not use combs or brushes with sharp points; this means no “detangler” brushes!.


Add two generous sprays (2 tablespoons) of VITAL SHAMPOO to a wash basin or bowl with lukewarm water and mix. Hold the cap with a flat hand so that the wig falls into its hairstyle. Draw the wig through the water and then smooth it out. Never pull on the SUPER-FRONT (net base). Do not scrub or rub! Finally, rinse the wig. Repeat the process if there is heavy soiling.


Using a flat hand, hold the cap (see above) Allow flowing, lukewarm water to flow from top to bottom through the wig and hair. Apply VITAL SHAMPOO using your free hand to the top of the head and smooth through to the tips or comb through using a BELLE MADAME WASHING COMB. To proceed further: see above. Tip: With long hair, two plaits can be braided before washing


Apply VITAL BALM neat some distance from the cap and smooth into the tips. Then comb in the balsam from roots to tips using a comb. Leave for 2-5 minutes or for 10 minutes if wig has had a lot of wear. Finally, rinse the wig. Place the wig in a towel and carefully pat it dry. Spray on LEAVE-IN CONDITIONER for additional care and softness and to make it easier to comb. Conditioner remains in hair. Either in your hand or on a polystyrene/postiche head or wig stand, carefully comb through the hair from tips to roots. Then spray SOFT SPRAY into the lengths and tips but never on the cap. In case of a greater need for care (porous hair), also apply BELLE MADAME VITAL MASK along the lengths and tips of the hair, carefully comb through with a wet hair comb and leave for several hours, overnight if desired, and then rinse out.


Ideally allow the towel-dried wig to air-dry on the BELLE MADAME WIG STAND or on a polystyrene/postiche head. For lightly wavy hair, using your hands, tease the hair into the desired style before drying, or wind onto rollers. Please also take care that the parting is in the correct position. Do not overbrush the hair while dry, as it will become unnaturally frizzy. Only the neck hair should be regularly brushed/combed to counteract tangling. If desired, in particular for smooth hairstyles, the hair can be styled – only when dry – up to a maximum of 180° C using straightening irons or curling tongs. Before straightening, please apply heat protection. The disadvantage of blowdrying is that the hair will dry out. The additional use of a brush will also pull on the cap causing this to become damaged.

Tip for wavy/curly hair: Intermittently spray LEAVE-IN CONDITIONER onto the dry hair. It freshens up and cares for the hair, bringing curls and waves back in shape. 


It is perfectly normal for the hair to become tangled around the neck. This happens with your own hair when it rubs on your collar or from heat and movement. Please carefully loosen the tangles using your fingers, then comb and work with straightening irons (160- 180° C) so that the surface of the hair becomes smooth again. To counteract tangling, regularly brush/comb neck hair.

■ Never put balm on cap. Balm has only to be worked into the hair. Nourishing and fatty substances could destroy knots.
■ Only wash the wig when absolutely necessary, i.e. as seldom as possible. The frequency of washing ultimately depends on how much you perspire as a result of your everyday activities.
■ Do not wear your wig while sleeping.
■ Never touch the SUPER-FRONT (lace front) when caring for, styling or putting on.
■ Always brush from tips to the roots!

Apply with each hair wash. 

For additional care and softness and also to make it easier to comb, spray onto towel-dried hair. Conditioner remains in hair


Apply after each hair wash. The silicone compound seals the hair, smooths out split ends and makes the hair soft and shiny.


Apply to porous hair. Regenerating, deep penetration care mask. Revitalises the hair’s structure.

Vital Shampoo
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