To the first time Wig buyer, there are so many different types of wig available that a bewildering choice confronts you. Here at Continental Wigs, we would like you to understand what is on offer and why there is so much variation in price. The categorisation (and price!) of a wig depends upon the way that it is made.

There are 4 main types of Wig construction available on the market today. There are many variations on those described below but these pictures and descriptions represent the normal methods used in constructing non bespoke wigs:

Wefted Wig: The Wefted Wig represents the "Base Model" of the wig market. The Wefts are visible inside the elasticated bands which hold the wig on the head. This type of wig is most suitable for wear over existing hair.

Handtied Wig: The hand tied wig is of higher basic quality than the wefted wig and can be worn over existing hair or over skin.

Monofilament with Wefts: This type of wig offers greater comfort to the wearer as the monofilament crown sits more easily on the scalp

Monofilament and Handtied: This is the highest quality non bespoke wig that we have been able to find. It offers the most comfort and best colour blend that we have seen.