Dimples (MiMo)

We are excited to announce that Continental Wigs and Mimo Wigs have taken the unusual and exciting step to become business buddies .

Although we are separate companies we recognise that we can help each other’s customers by offering brands that do not compromise each others offer.

So Mimo Wigs customers that would like to purchase a Belle Madame style will be directed to the Continental Wigs website and likewise any Continental Wigs customers who would like to purchase a Jon Renau, Gisela Mayer, Dimples style will be directed to the Mimo Wigs.

The lovely Michelle Moffatt who owns Mimo Wigs and is an ideal partner for us and has first hand knowledge of hairloss herself and we believe that her experience and positive approach can only be a benefit to our customers.

Please click on the images below to see the great selection at offer at MiMo Wigs

Gisela Mayer Hair Collection Jon Renau
Belle Tress Dimples

Sorry for the inconvenience.

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