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  • Spring Hi
    Spring Hi

    A young at heart and sporty ageless style. A quiet style with natural...

    £ 130.00
  • Opal

    The OPAL is 8-12"  in length. It comes completely un-styled meaning you...

    £ 1,850.00
  • Onyx

    The ONYX is 10-12" in length. It come completely un-styled meaning you...

    £ 1,950.00
  • Love Comfort
    Love Comfort

    A young, fascinating cut with an extended lace front that arouses...

    £ 210.00
  • Jolly

    Bold, fresh and modern. A sporty short haircut with a beautiful...

    £ 135.00
  • Only Mono
    Only Mono

    A stylish, short feelgood-look. Both sporty and elegant. The model...

    £ 250.00
  • Ocean

    A true up-and-away-style. Captivating and groundbreaking! Exciting,...

    £ 136.00
  • Lucia Small
    Lucia Small

    The elegant, womanly cut is also available as a small wig. Moreover, in...

    £ 120.00


  • Push Up
    Push Up

    Funky, totally easy five-finger...

    £ 105.00 £ 115.00

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    £ 77.00 In Stock

    A comfy and stylish Halo wig with a detachable fringe. Can be worn under a hat or scarf to compliment any outfit. *Scarf not included* Weight: 2.9 OuncesOverall Length: 14 InchesLength: LongColour Showing: Mochaccino Available Colours:CappucinoChestnutCreamy Toffee (Hybrant)Dark ChocolateExpressoGinger BrownHarvest GoldIced Mocha...

    £ 77.00
    In Stock
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    £ 90.00 In Stock

    A refreshing take on the original halo. Chin length layers and a detachable fringe. *Hat not included* Weight: 2.9 OuncesOverall Length: 10 InchesLength: MediumColour Showing: Toasted Brown Available Colours:CappucinoCoconut SpiceCoffee Latte (Hybrant)Creamy BlondeCreamy Toffee (Hybrant)Dark ChocolateGinger BrownMaple Sugar (Hybrant)...

    £ 90.00
    In Stock
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    £ 81.00 In Stock

    Adds long luxurious coverage to your hair. Hair Type: Synthetic HairCap Construction: Machine WeftedWeight (Ounces): 2.5 Available Colours:Almond Spice RBanana Split LRCoffee Latte RCreamy Toffee RCrimson LRDark ChocolateExpressoGinger BrownGold BlondeHarvest GoldIced Mocha RMacadamia LRMaple Sugar RMarble Brown LRMedium...

    £ 81.00
    In Stock
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    £ 70.00 In Stock

    An enhancer that provides extra volume and fullness. Weight: 1.6 OuncesOverall Length: 8 InchesColour Showing: Gold Blonde Available Colours:AlmondSpiceCoffee LatteCreamy Toffee RDark ChocolateExpressoGinger BrownGold BlondHarvest GoldIced Mocha-RMaple Sugar-RMedium BrownNutmeg-RSilverstoneSpring Honey

    £ 70.00
    In Stock
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    £ 60.00 In Stock

    A great enhancer designed to provide extra volume or a fresh look. Crown: 4.5 InchesFringe: 4 InchesWeight: 1 OuncesLength: ShortColour Showing: Spring Honey Available Colours:60Dark ChocolateExpressoGinger BrownGold BlondeHarvestGoldLight ChocolateMarble BrownMedium BrownSpring HoneySilverstone

    £ 60.00
    In Stock
Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items