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Raquel Welch Colours


New products

  • Spring Hi
    Spring Hi

    A young at heart and sporty ageless style. A quiet style with natural...

    £ 130.00
  • Opal

    The OPAL is 8-12"  in length. It comes completely un-styled meaning you...

    £ 1,850.00
  • Onyx

    The ONYX is 10-12" in length. It come completely un-styled meaning you...

    £ 1,950.00
  • Love Comfort
    Love Comfort

    A young, fascinating cut with an extended lace front that arouses...

    £ 210.00
  • Jolly

    Bold, fresh and modern. A sporty short haircut with a beautiful...

    £ 135.00
  • Only Mono
    Only Mono

    A stylish, short feelgood-look. Both sporty and elegant. The model...

    £ 250.00
  • Ocean

    A true up-and-away-style. Captivating and groundbreaking! Exciting,...

    £ 136.00
  • Lucia Small
    Lucia Small

    The elegant, womanly cut is also available as a small wig. Moreover, in...

    £ 120.00


  • Millie

    A classic style with a modern twist,...

    £ 95.00 £ 120.00

Raquel Welch There are 5 products.

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    £ 775.00 In Stock

    This gorgeously long and lush wig from the ever popular Raquel Welch Collection is crafted out of 100% human hair, which allows you to curl, wave and straighten it just as you would your own hair   Not only is this a beautifully cut style, it is packed full of comfort-rich features, such as a 100% hand knotted base and a lightweight lace front to help you...

    £ 775.00
    In Stock
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    £ 975.00 In Stock

    The longest human hair wig in the Raquel Welch Collection. This glamorous style Cascades to below the mid back. Style it straight or create a Grand Entrance with waves. The lace front & monofilament top ensures this luxurious wig looks as realistic as possible. Available Colours:Golden Wheat R1488Chestnut R10Chocolate Copper R6/30Midnight...

    £ 975.00
    In Stock
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    £ 995.00 In Stock

    Beautifully tapered and crafted out of soft, lightweight human hair- Headliner is a stunning mid-length cut featuring volume-rich layers and a lightweight lace front which allows for off-the-face styling. Fibre: 100% Human Hair which can be heat-styled as per your preferences.Cap Type: 100% hand-knotted base.Length: 10" front, 11 1/4" crown, 10" sides, 10...

    £ 995.00
    In Stock
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    £ 720.00 In Stock

    Made with 100% human hair, this fashionable chin-length bob wig is perfect for all day, everyday wear. As this is a 100% human hair wig you can straighten or wave this style just as you would your own hair. Fibre: 100% human hair that can be heat-styled as per your preference.Cap Type: Sheer Indulgence Lace Front CapLength: 6 1/2" front, 7 1/2" crown, 6"...

    £ 720.00
    In Stock
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    £ 650.00 In Stock

    A perfectly chic, short, human hair wig, designed to be luxurious and natural looking. You deserve the very best, and this wig has it all! Available Colours:Golden Wheat R1488Glazed Strawberry R29SChocolate Copper R6/30Midnight Brown R4Dark Brown R3

    £ 650.00
    In Stock
Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items