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  • The New Romantic
    The New Romantic

    This style is a short yet sophisticated with subtle sculpted curls in a...

    £ 349.00
  • Yasmine

    This simple long style has no layers and a middle parting. Long enough...

    £ 179.00
  • Sprite

    The perfect super short, pixie crop, with a gently tapered nape and lace...

    £ 129.00
  • Phoenix XO Plus
    Phoenix XO Plus

    Long side fringe with textured, flipped ends for a carefree look. XO...

    £ 280.00
  • Marley XO Plus
    Marley XO Plus

    Dramatic A-line bob with a long fringe and tapered nape. XO Plus Cap:...

    £ 296.00
  • Belle Madame Human Hair Vital Shampoo 1000ml
    Belle Madame Human Hair Vital Shampoo 1000ml

    The Belle Madame Vital Shampoo is a nutrient-rich shampoo for chemically...

    £ 32.00
  • Belle Madame Human Hair Vital Balsam 1000ml
    Belle Madame Human Hair Vital Balsam 1000ml

    The Belle Madame Vital Balsam is a repairing and nourishing balm for...

    £ 32.00
  • Luciana Hi
    Luciana Hi

    Cap Style: WeftedConstruction: Synthetic Hair with Lace Front Shown in...

    £ 130.00


  • Diamond

    The most popular of all the Gems and...

    £ 543.60 £ 604.00

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    £ 189.00 In Stock

    Want something casual yet fun? Then our gorgeous Adore wig is the one for you! This choppy yet slightly waved bob has lots of movement for a natural look that is accentuated by a lace front, so discreet no one will know you're even wearing a wig. An added sweeping fringe frames the face beautifully and adds a youthful touch. Furthermore longer hair at the...

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    £ 268.00 In Stock

    A shoulder length bob with romantic, wavy curls and a softly layered fringe. New XO cap - Amore quality construction with the addition of soft fabric covered wefting for the ultimate comfort. Crown: 11 InchesFringe: 9.1 InchesNape: 5.9 InchesWeight: 4 OuncesColour Showing: Macadamia LR & Ginger Brown Available Colours:AuburnSugarCappuccino...

    £ 268.00
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    £ 120.00 In Stock

    Gorgeously soft and bouncy ringlet curls teamed with a face framing fringe makes Alex a delightful wig which will be a joy to wear time-after-time.This classic look is beautifully cut, easy-to-care and easy-to-wear. Fibre: High Quality Synthetic that looks and feels real. DO NOT HEAT STYLE.Cap Type: Comfort Cap BaseCap Size: PetiteLength From:    Crown:...

    £ 120.00
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    £ 136.50 In Stock

    Shaggy bob with loose, romantic curls and a soft layered fringe. Crown: 10.3 InchesFringe: 7.5 InchesNape: 4.2 InchesWeight: 3.6 OuncesColour Showing: Silverstone & Coffee Latte Available Colours:Banana Split LRCappuccinoChestnutCoffee LatteCreamy BlondeCreamy Toffee RSilverstoneGinger BrownMacadamia LRSpring Honey

    £ 136.50
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    £ 265.00 In Stock

    Mono + wefts + Lace-Front (Super-Front) Colour Shown: 2/4/133 Cherry Coke & 20R/22H Danish Blond Available Colours:2 VeryDarkBrown4/6‑45/8/14ColdChocolate8/12/30Chocolate8/10/14+Root4ChocolateMix‑Root8/30/27+Root4Dark‑CopperRoot14/24R/20RButterScotch14/26+Root14VanillaRoot20/27/22H+Root8CaramelRoot20R/22H+Root14Danish‑BlondRoot...

    £ 265.00
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    £ 560.00 In Stock

    Mono + handtied + Lace-Front (Super-Front)Hair Length: 10 - 17.5cm Shown in: 23A/26+RT16 Swedish Blonde RT Available Colours:4 Medium Brown6/10-68/12/30 Chocolate10/12 Dark AshBlonde10/27/20R+Root8 Chocolate CreamRoot12/15/25-12 Honey Toast12A/25R/28 Honey-Mix14/26+Root14 Vanilla-Root19/20R DanishBlond20R/19+Root12 Danish-BlondRoot...

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    £ 600.00 In Stock

    Super-FrontHair Length: 8-20cmHair Volume: 115%Light-Medium Colour Shown: 8/10/27/20 Chocolate Mix Available Colours:4 Medium Brown6/10‑68/10/27/20 ChocolateMix10/27/20R+Root8 Chocolate/CreamRoot12A/25R/28+Root10/12 HoneyMix‑Root20/12A/23A+Root10/12A VanillaMix‑Root23A/26+Root16 Swedish‑BlondRoot30/6/27‑6 Dark‑RedMix

    £ 600.00
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    £ 550.00 In Stock
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    Monofilament + wefts + Lace-Front (Super-Front)Hair Length: 8 - 20 cm Shown in: Danish Blonde Root Available Colours:2 Very Dark Brown4-86/10-68/10/27/20 ChocolateMix10/12 Dark Ash-Blonde10/27/20R+Root8 Chocolate Cream-Root12/15/25-12 Honey-Toast20R/19+Root12 Danish-BlondRoot20R/23+Root10 Champagne-Root23A/26+Root16 Swedish-BlondRoot...

    £ 550.00
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    £ 160.00 £ 195.00 In Stock

    Short, sassy and perfectly pretty.  Attract is a modern and neat bob with face-framing layers, a soft fringe and a nape hugging neck that is tapered to perfection.  The result is a head turning silhouette that looks salon-styled.  The monofilament top and lightweight comfort back will ensure that you feel as good as you look. Shown In Colour: Almond Mist...

    £ 160.00 £ 195.00
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    £ 104.50 In Stock

    Easy flowing layers define this trendy look. Crown: 6.5 InchesFringe: 3.5 InchesNape: 6.5 InchesWeight: 3.1 OuncesColour Showing: Irish Spice & Mochaccino R Available Colours:AuburnSugarAuburn Sugar (Hybrant)Butter Pecan (Hybrant)CappuccinoChestnutCoffee LatteCopperGlaze (Hybrant)Creamy BlondeCreamyToffee (Hybrant)Dark Chocolate...

    £ 104.50
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    £ 495.00 In Stock

    This cut presents extreme confidence and feminine with gentle volume. A skilful mix of elegance and freshness. Converting: Monofilament + 100% handmadeMaterial: Synthetic hair with Lacefront Available Colours:BernsteinMixCaramelRootedChampagne RootedChocolate MixDark Chocolate MixEspresso MixLight Champagne RootedMocca RootedSage Snow...

    £ 495.00
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    £ 125.00 In Stock

    Fascinating, chin length bob with a layered nape and a seductive fringe. Cap Style: Including mono-crown - curlMaterial: Synthetic Hair Shown in colour: Light Champagne Rooted Available Colours:Chocolate MixCinnamon Red MixCosmo Black MixDark Cherry MixHot Espresso MixHot Mocca MixLight Bernstein RootedLight Champagne RootedLight Honey...

    £ 125.00
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