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New products

  • Spring Hi
    Spring Hi

    A young at heart and sporty ageless style. A quiet style with natural...

    £ 130.00
  • Opal

    The OPAL is 8-12"  in length. It comes completely un-styled meaning you...

    £ 1,850.00
  • Onyx

    The ONYX is 10-12" in length. It come completely un-styled meaning you...

    £ 1,950.00
  • Love Comfort
    Love Comfort

    A young, fascinating cut with an extended lace front that arouses...

    £ 210.00
  • Jolly

    Bold, fresh and modern. A sporty short haircut with a beautiful...

    £ 135.00
  • Only Mono
    Only Mono

    A stylish, short feelgood-look. Both sporty and elegant. The model...

    £ 250.00
  • Ocean

    A true up-and-away-style. Captivating and groundbreaking! Exciting,...

    £ 136.00
  • Lucia Small
    Lucia Small

    The elegant, womanly cut is also available as a small wig. Moreover, in...

    £ 120.00


  • Athena

    A glorious straight 3/4 hairpiece...

    £ 68.40 £ 76.00

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    £ 195.00 £ 235.00 In Stock

    The ACTIVE LOOK is perfectly layered at the sides, the nape and the fringe. The wig is hand-tied on the top and the soft, comfortable net lace makes it as light as a feather. The lace front allows you to style the fringe in many different ways. Converting: Monofilament + Wefted Material: Synthetic Hair with Lacefront Shown in Colour: Pearl Shaded...

    £ 195.00 £ 235.00
    In Stock
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    £ 135.00 In Stock

    This gorgeous pixie crop wig has a sweeping fringe and a precisely cut back. Fibre: High Quality Synthetic that looks and feels real. DO NOT HEAT STYLE.Cap Type: Lace Front with Monofilament Crown+Comfort Cap.Cap Size: AverageLength From:    Crown: 5 1/4"Nape: 1 3/4"Side of Head: 3 1/2"Shown in Colour: Dark Chocolate Mist (G4+) Available Colours:Dark...

    £ 135.00
    In Stock
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    £ 189.00 In Stock

    Want something casual yet fun? Then our gorgeous Adore wig is the one for you! This choppy yet slightly waved bob has lots of movement for a natural look that is accentuated by a lace front, so discreet no one will know you're even wearing a wig. An added sweeping fringe frames the face beautifully and adds a youthful touch. Furthermore longer hair at the...

    £ 189.00
    In Stock
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    £ 495.00 In Stock

    Fantastically light. Fantastically long! The luxury long hair model Affair makes your mind wander. We promise! Converting: Monofilament + 100% handmade , Monofilament + 100% handmadeMaterial: Synthetic Hair with Lacefront Available Colours:Bernstein MixChampagne MixChocolate MixEspresso MixHot Chocolate MixLight HoneyMixMocca MixSand Mix

    £ 495.00
    In Stock
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    £ 475.00 In Stock

    Light, airy and unbelievably expressive! Air is a deluxe short-hair hairstyle with a fine structure. Converting: Monofilament + 100% handmadeMaterial: Synthetic Hair with Lacefront Available Colours:Champagne MixChocolate MixDark Auburn MixDark Chocolate MixDark SandEspresso MixLight Bernstein RootedMocca RootedSalt/Pepper MixSand Mix...

    £ 475.00
    In Stock
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    £ 227.50 In Stock

    Soft layers help create smooth volume and texture on this lovely style. Colour Showing: 456Available Colours:2-44-6812-1018-22385656-6060131132134135223436456600637713728T731740N767768769770829A757GA761GA791GA811GA812GThe Sentoo Collection is available to UK customers only. Apologies...

    £ 227.50
    In Stock
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    £ 268.00 In Stock

    A shoulder length bob with romantic, wavy curls and a softly layered fringe. New XO cap - Amore quality construction with the addition of soft fabric covered wefting for the ultimate comfort. Crown: 11 InchesFringe: 9.1 InchesNape: 5.9 InchesWeight: 4 OuncesColour Showing: Macadamia LR & Ginger Brown Available Colours:AuburnSugarCappuccino...

    £ 268.00
    In Stock
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    £ 185.00 £ 220.00 In Stock

    Classically modern. Goes with everything in the wardrobe of a women in the middle of life. Cap Style: 100% Handmade with Lacefront Material: Synthetic Hair Cap Size: Average Length: Short Colour Shown: Champagne Rooted Scroll down to view the 360° Video Available Colours:ChocolateMixNougatMixMoccaMixDarkSandRootedSandMixChampagneRooted...

    £ 185.00 £ 220.00
    In Stock
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    £ 310.00 In Stock

    Shown in Colour: Champagne‑Root Cap size: Mini petite Cap construction:Monofilament and hand‑tied and Lace-FrontThe hand-tied monofilament wig is the highest quality wig and offers an ultimate comfort and maximum natural appearance. The cap is a combination of monofilament (upper head) and mono-net. In the area of the entire top of the head where...

    £ 310.00
    In Stock
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    £ 120.00 In Stock

    Gorgeously soft and bouncy ringlet curls teamed with a face framing fringe makes Alex a delightful wig which will be a joy to wear time-after-time.This classic look is beautifully cut, easy-to-care and easy-to-wear. Fibre: High Quality Synthetic that looks and feels real. DO NOT HEAT STYLE.Cap Type: Comfort Cap BaseCap Size: PetiteLength From:    Crown:...

    £ 120.00
    In Stock
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    £ 160.00 In Stock

    Wefts + Mono-crown + Lace-Front (Super-Front) Size: Small/Medium Shown in Colour: Chocolate/Cream Root(Main) Dark‑Red‑Mix(Below) We cannot ship the Belle Madame Collection to Canada or Sweden. Apologies for any inconvenience. Available Colours:Very DarkBrown24/6‑4Mocca6/10/30Chocolate8/12/30Chocolate Mix8/10/27/20...

    £ 160.00
    In Stock
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    £ 145.00 In Stock

    Denver, Dallas, Darling: The glamorous American lifestyle look. Cap Style: Monofilament Crown Material: Synthetic Hair Cap Size: Average Length: Short Colour Shown: Auburn Mix Available Colours:Light Espresso MixChocolateMixNougatRootedSandMultiMixSandMixChampagneMixAuburnMixPLEASE NOTE: ALL COLOUR IMAGES AND DESCRIPTIONS ARE A GUIDELINE.

    £ 145.00
    In Stock
Showing 1 - 12 of 693 items