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Mid Length Lace Front Topper

The easy way to disguise fine or thinning hair.  This lovely top piece is the perfect mid length and has four little clips to help secure it and a lace front for the most natural looking hairline. 

Use it to cover up greys or to create volume for fine hair.

Cap Construction: Lace Front | Monofilament
Hair Type: Synthetic
Clip Type: 4 Small Secure Clips 
Colour Shown: R1488 Golden Wheat

Crown: 12" (30 cm)
Side: 12" (30 cm)
Cap Length: 6.2" (16 cm)
Cap Width: 6.6" (17cm)

Price £104.25
Regular price £115.83

The Parting

Cap Construction: Fine Welded Mono-Parting | 4 clips | Lace-Front
Fibre: Human Hair
Size: 13x8cm
Hair Length: 30cm
Colour Shown: Caramel-Root (12/27/22H+Root10)
Price £395.83


This hairpiece is made from EURO-REMY HAIR - first-class prepared European human hair. The hair is gently refined and changed up to a maximum of two color levels. featuring a fine Medium-Mono Cap with 4 clips, PU attachment and braids on the back of the head.

Cap Construction:
Medium-Mono Cap | 4 Clips | PU attachment | Braids on the back of the head
Fibre: Human Hair
Size: 19x16cm
Hair Length: 30cm
Colour Shown: 23A/25R Light-Blond
Price £958.33

The Top Piece

Hair Type: Human Hair / Synthetic Blend
Cap Type: Fine Welded Mono Parting | 4 clips | Lace-Front
Colour Shown: Mocca Mix

Size: 16 x 14cm
Length: 30cm

Price £479.17


Vanilla is from the Power Pieces Collection.  This piece has the stylish beach-waves that everyone loves.  Longer in the front and sides giving you lots of fullness.  Vanilla is the perfect alternative to wearing a full wig.  Designed with an elastic circular band that fits along the hair line and open in the crown area.  Perfect for wearing with any hat or favorite head-wear to keep you cool and comfortable.  Vanilla does not come with the head-wear shown.

Colour Shown: Light Blonde
Clip Type: Elastic Circular Band
Hair Type: Synthetic

Front: 11" (27.94 cm)
Side: 9" (22.86 cm)
Nape: 5.5" (13.97 cm)

Price £26.25
Regular price £29.17


Prosecco is part Power Pieces Collection by Ellen Wille.. Super lightweight with a small 2.5" claw clip to ensure a more secure base. Creating fullness to any pony and become a favorite. With soft beach waves falling at approx 10", this length could be worn day or night.

Colour Shown: Light Blonde
Clip Type: Small Claw Clip
Hair Length: 28-32cm (8-10")
Weight: 65g (2.3oz)
Hair Type: Synthetic

Price £26.25
Regular price £29.17


The Piccolo hairpiece is from the Power Pieces Collection by Ellen Wille. Designed with a netted drawstring base and two combs to secure the bun. Once you have secured your hair up and the bun in place, pull the drawstring tight for a secure fit. The drawstrings themselves can be hidden by tucking under the base. Lightweight, secure, and very natural looking. Perfect for a quick updo that is elegant and secure.

Colour Shown: Dark Blonde
Clip Type: Drawstring
Hair Length: 10-12cm (4-5")
Weight: 34g (1.2oz)
Hair Type: Synthetic
Price £26.25
Regular price £29.17


Hugo is a High Heat synthetic wrap around pony that has 1 toupee clip at the base and then wraps around and secures with a velcro strip. Hugo is our Longest wrap around pony, with gorgeous– long waves that cascade down your back. A true showstopper and will have others envious of how long and beautiful your hair looks.

Colour Shown: Natural Blonde
Clip Type: Wrap Pony
Hair Length: 38-50cm (15-19”)
Weight: 102g (3.6oz)
Hair Type: Synthetic

Colour Shown:
Clip Type:
Hair Length:
Hair Type:
Price £29.25
Regular price £32.50


Cayenne is a ready-to-wear alternative to wearing a full wig.  Designed with a 3/4 honeycomb cap to keep to you cool and with elastic bands in the crown area for a secure fit.  You can pair Cayenne with your favorite hat or head-wear for a stylish and comfortable look.  Cayenne is shown in an Ellen Wille Flow Head-wear.

Clip Type: 3/4 Honeycomb Cap
Hair Type: Heat Friendly Synthetic Hair
Hair Length: 12" (30cm)
Colour Shown: Light Blonde

Price £26.25
Regular price £29.17


Caipi is from the Power Pieces Collection by Ellen Wille. Caipi is a beautiful medium length pony with tons of fullness. This curly pony is light weight fun and designed with a small 2.5" claw clip that is easy to attach. Caipi will take your skinny pony to simply stunning in no time.

Clip Type: Claw Clip
Hair Type: Synthetic Hair
Approximate Length: 12-14” (30-35cm)
Weight: 3.4oz (96g)
Colour Shown: Gold Blonde

Price £29.25
Regular price £32.50

Tousled Wrap

This gorgeous new hair scrunchy wrap by Hothair is super easy to use to create an instant updo! Simply wrap the elastic around your own bun, or use a chopstick to help keep it in. The waves re-create the super fashionable 'tonged' effect, without having to spend ages at the hairdresser! Wear high or low in a chignon.

Created with new Fibre+ hair that looks and feels completely natural + is gently heat styleable!

Colour Shown: Ice Blond & Cappucinno
Clip Type: Scrunchy Wrap
Hair Length: 10-12cm
Weight: 46g
Hair Type: Fibre+ Synthetic

Price £15.00
Regular price £16.67