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Noriko Wig collection - Indulge yourself in the comfort of alternative hair, crafted from the finest materials available. Most styles are machine wefted but some styles have that extra special monofilament crafted in. Check on each individual style to find out if they are Machine Wefted, Part Monofilament or full Monofilament top. These wigs create a natural look and are ready to wear.


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Long, textured layers fall to mid-back in this full flowy style.

Colour Shown: Ginger Brown & Macadamia-LR
Overall: 26.4" (66cm)
Fringe: 8.0" (20cm)
Crown: 16.2" (40.5cm)
Nape: 16.0" (40cm)
Weight: 6.5oz. (175g)

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Angelica PM

Long, textured layers fall to mid-back in this flowy design. Part Monofilament top. Also available in a machine wefted cap.

Colour Shown: Kahlua Burst

Hair Type: Synthetic Hair
Cap Size: Average
Cap Construction: Part Monofilament
Length: Long
Fringe(Inches) 8.5
Crown(Inches) 16.1
Nape(Inches) 16.1
Weight(Ounces) 6.7

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Long layers with soft, wavy curls create this feminine style.

Crown: 11.75 Inches
Fringe: 4.25 Inches
Nape: 15.25 Inches
Weight: 5.8 Ounces
Colour Showing: Coffee Latte R

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Short, spiky & flattering style for a decidedly edgy look. New feather-light machine wefted cap.

Cap Style: Feather-Light Machine Wefted

Material: Synthetic Hair

Cap Size: Average

Length: Short

Fringe: 3.5" 9cm

Crown: 3.5" 9cm

Nape: 1.4" 3.5cm

Weight: 65g

Colour Shown: Main picture is Razberry Ice R and Bubblegum R

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Retro purdy haircut with a chic modern twist. New Feather-Light machine wefted cap.

Cap Style: Machine Wefted

Material: Synthetic Hair

Cap Size: Average

Length: Short

Fringe: 3.7" 9.5cm

Crown: 6.3" 16cm

Nape: 1.4" 3.5cm

Weight: 74g

Colour Shown: Main picture is Creamy Toffee R

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The Brady is a stylish and textured, machine wefted crop with spiky layers. An excellent, low maintenance choice.

Cap Construction: Machine Wefted

Fibre: High Quality Synthetic that looks and feels real. DO NOT HEAT STYLE.

Cap Size: Average

Length From Crown: 3.14"

Length From Nape: 1.57"

Length From Fringe: 3.54"

Weight: 63g

Colours Shown: Platinum Pearl and Chocolate Frost R

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A tousled curly style that falls just below the shoulders with a soft face framing fringe.

Crown: 10.5 Inches
Fringe: 7 Inches
Nape: 7.5 Inches
Weight: 5 Ounces
Colour Showing: Auburn Sugar R

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A collar length style with flipped layered textured ends.

Crown: 8.4 Inches
Fringe: 5.6 Inches
Nape: 6 Inches
Weight: 3 Ounces
Colour Showing: Iced Mocha & Mochaccino R

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Classic bob with a textured fringe.

Crown: 8.6 Inches
Fringe: 3.2 Inches
Nape: 1.8 Inches
Weight: 3.1 Ounces
Colour Showing: Creamy Blonde & Chestnut

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Softly graduated chin length bob with voluminous wavy layers and a face framing fringe

Crown: 7.48 Inches
Fringe: 6.1 Inches
Nape: 2.76 Inches
Weight: 2.86 Ounces
Colour Showing: Crimson LR& Nutmeg R

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Overall point-cut layers combine to make a bold statement in this short "edgy" cut.

Crown: 3.4 Inches
Fringe: 2.8 Inches
Nape: 2.4 Inches
Weight: 2.2 Ounces
Colour Showing: Creamy Toffee R

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This bold unisex cut can be styled into a soft feminine silhouette or can be worn tousled for a rugged masculine look.
Colour Showing: llumina R
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