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  • The New Romantic
    The New Romantic

    This style is a short yet sophisticated with subtle sculpted curls in a...

    £ 349.00
  • Yasmine

    This simple long style has no layers and a middle parting. Long enough...

    £ 179.00
  • Sprite

    The perfect super short, pixie crop, with a gently tapered nape and lace...

    £ 129.00
  • Phoenix XO Plus
    Phoenix XO Plus

    Long side fringe with textured, flipped ends for a carefree look. XO...

    £ 280.00
  • Marley XO Plus
    Marley XO Plus

    Dramatic A-line bob with a long fringe and tapered nape. XO Plus Cap:...

    £ 296.00
  • Belle Madame Human Hair Vital Shampoo 1000ml
    Belle Madame Human Hair Vital Shampoo 1000ml

    The Belle Madame Vital Shampoo is a nutrient-rich shampoo for chemically...

    £ 32.00
  • Belle Madame Human Hair Vital Balsam 1000ml
    Belle Madame Human Hair Vital Balsam 1000ml

    The Belle Madame Vital Balsam is a repairing and nourishing balm for...

    £ 32.00
  • Luciana Hi
    Luciana Hi

    Cap Style: WeftedConstruction: Synthetic Hair with Lace Front Shown in...

    £ 130.00


  • Rosalind

    Suitable for daily use throughout the...

    £ 19.00 £ 23.00

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    £ 135.00 £ 166.50 In Stock

    Long, textured layers fall to mid-back in this full flowy style. Colour Shown: Ginger Brown & Macadamia-LR Overall: 26.4" (66cm)Fringe: 8.0" (20cm)Crown: 16.2" (40.5cm)Nape: 16.0" (40cm)Weight: 6.5oz. (175g) Available Colours:Almond Rocka-RAuburn Sugar R (Hybrant-Gradiant)Banana Split LRButter Pecan-R (Hybrant-Gradiant)CappucinoChampagne...

    £ 135.00 £ 166.50
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    £ 277.00 In Stock

    Long, textured layers fall to mid-back in this flowy design. Part Monofilament top. Also available in a machine wefted cap. Colour Shown: Kahlua Burst Hair Type: Synthetic HairCap Size: AverageCap Construction: Part MonofilamentLength: LongFringe(Inches) 8.5Crown(Inches) 16.1Nape(Inches) 16.1Weight(Ounces) 6.7 Colours Available:Mochaccino-R...

    £ 277.00
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    £ 152.50 In Stock

    Long layers with soft, wavy curls create this feminine style. Crown: 11.75 InchesFringe: 4.25 InchesNape: 15.25 InchesWeight: 5.8 OuncesColour Showing: Coffee Latte RAvailable Colours:Almond Rocka-RBurnt SiennaCappucinoChestnutChocolate LavaCoffee Latte (Hybrant)Creamy BlondeCreamy Toffee-R (Hybrant-Gradiant)Dark ChocolateExpresso...

    £ 152.50
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    £ 147.00 In Stock

    A-line bob with slight length exaggeration at the front and a soft side fringe. Crown: 6.25 InchesFringe: 7.85 InchesNape: 3.7 InchesWeight: 3.7 OuncesColour Showing: Cayenne Spice R Available Colours:Chocolate Frost-RNutmeg-RIced Mocha-R (Hybrant-Gradiant)Marble Brown

    £ 147.00
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    £ 111.50 In Stock

    A tousled curly style that falls just below the shoulders with a soft face framing fringe. Crown: 10.5 InchesFringe: 7 InchesNape: 7.5 InchesWeight: 5 OuncesColour Showing: Honey Wheat R Available Colours:Almond Rocka (Hybrant)Almond Spice-RAuburn Sugar_R (Hybrant-Gradiant)Butter Pecan-R (Hybrant-Gradiant)CappucinoCayenne SpiceChai Cream...

    £ 111.50
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    £ 95.00 £ 120.00 In Stock

    A collar length style with flipped layered textured ends. Crown: 8.4 InchesFringe: 5.6 InchesNape: 6 InchesWeight: 3 OuncesColour Showing: Iced Mocha & Mochaccino R Available Colours:Almond SpiceButter Pecan-R (Hybrant-Gradiant)Caramel CreamCappucinoChampagne (Gradiant)ChestnutChocolate SwirlCopper Glaze-R (Hybrant-Gradiant)Creamy...

    £ 95.00 £ 120.00
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    £ 220.50 In Stock

    A collar length style with layers and flipped up textured edges. Part monofilament top. Crown: 8.3 InchesFringe: 5.3 InchesNape: 5.3 InchesWeight: 3.2 OuncesColour Showing: Spring Honey R Available Colours:Almond Spice-RBanana Split LRChampagne-RChestnutChocolate SwirlCreamy BlondeCreamyToffee-R (Hybrant-Gradiant)Crimson LRDarkChocolate...

    £ 220.50
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    £ 137.50 In Stock

    Classic bob with a textured fringe. Crown: 8.6 InchesFringe: 3.2 InchesNape: 1.8 InchesWeight: 3.1 OuncesColour Showing: Creamy Blonde & Chestnut Available Colours:CappucinoCaramel CreamChestnutCreamy BlondeDark ChocolateDark RustExpressoFrostiBlondeGinger BrownGold BlondeHarvest GoldLight ChocolateMarble BrownMedium Brown...

    £ 137.50
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    £ 136.50 In Stock

    Softly graduated chin length bob with voluminous wavy layers and a face framing fringe Crown: 7.48 InchesFringe: 6.1 InchesNape: 2.76 InchesWeight: 2.86 OuncesColour Showing: Crimson LR& Nutmeg R Available Colours:Almond Rocka-RBanana Split LRCappucinoChampagne-RChestnutChocolate Frost-RCoffee Latte-RCreamy BlondeCreamy Toffee-R...

    £ 136.50
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    £ 95.00 £ 123.00 In Stock
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    Overall point-cut layers combine to make a bold statement in this short "edgy" cut. Crown: 3.4 InchesFringe: 2.8 InchesNape: 2.4 InchesWeight: 2.2 OuncesColour Showing: Creamy Toffee R Available Colours:Burgundy-RosaButter Pecan-R (Hybrant-Gradiant)CappucinoChampagne (Gradiant)ChestnutChocolate FrostCopper Glaze-R (Hybrant-Gradiant)Creamy...

    £ 95.00 £ 123.00
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    £ 126.00 In Stock

    This bold unisex cut can be styled into a soft feminine silhouette or can be worn tousled for a rugged masculine look.Colour Showing: llumina RAvailable Colours:Blueberry BurstChampagne RChocolate Frost RCoffee Latte RCreamy Toffee RDark ChocolateGinger BrownIced Mocha RIllumina RKahlua BurstMarble BrownMochaccino R...

    £ 126.00
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    £ 93.50 In Stock

    Tapered bob with soft top layers that fall into a side swept fringe Crown: 4.5 InchesFringe: 5 InchesNape: 2 InchesWeight: 2.1 OuncesColour Showing: Midnite Pearl Available Colours:Almond Rocka-RAlmond Spice-RBlack Onyx (Grey)CappucinoChampagne-RCoffee Latte (Hybrant)Creamy BlondeCreamy Toffee-R (Hybrant-Gradiant)Dark ChocolateGinger...

    £ 93.50
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