Cosmo Hair

MT-LIGHT a heat resistant synthetic mens toupee. it has been specifically made to be heat resistant to up to 230 degrees Celsius while keeping a soft and natural feel.
COSMO HAIR is the alternative to human hair!

What makes COSMO HAIR special?

1. Maximum heat-resistance is 230 degrees Celsius.
2. 100 % synthetic hair. No human hair is added.
3. COSMO HAIR is thinner than normal synthetic hair and similar to fine European hair.
4. COSMO HAIR is less shiny than normal synthetic hair. It imitates the shine of European hair.
5. The hair is very soft and hair fall is natural. Grip and feel like human hair.
6. Hair does not tangle and can be used permanently (day and night).
7. High colour resistance.
8. Good knotting resistance i.e. knots last longer

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