Synthetic Toupees

Synthetic Mens Toupees.. Ready-to-wear! MT-410, MT-415 and MT-510 are real Ready-to-Wear hair systems. The pre-cut is fine and natural, a customization of the hair style (trimming or shorter hair style) can be easily and quickly realised. Ready-to-Wear technique is a real innovation on the hair system-market. The lightness, the nearly invisible Lace-Front and the extremely natural grey colour tones provide the seamless look of style!
MT-800, MT-430, MT-450, MT-480 with Clear PU-front is very natural and long lasting. This hair system provides high flexibility and immediate delivery at the same time. The extra-thin PU-front can be individually cut for receding hairlines.

Please be aware that all these hair systems require some sort of professional fitting. It is recommended that you refer to your local hair professional, barber or hairdresser for advice on how to go about fitting these Hair systems.

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