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Comfy Grip Deluxe Headband -10%
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Comfy Grip Deluxe Headband

Get a grip on your wig with the world’s most unique concept therapeutic headband. Provides peace of mind by making your wig more comfortable and preventing it from slipping.

Regular price £24.17 Price £21.75
Headline It! Wig Liner -10%
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Headline It! Wig Liner

Headline it! is a thin disposable liner that affixes securely inside any wig to form a protective, breathable barrier.

Regular price £19.17 Price £17.25
Silicon Plaster -10%
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Silicon Plaster

Soft skin-friendly silicone-PU for lace-fronts, can be cut to size with long lasting adhesive power.
Eliminates itching and minimizes allergic reactions.  Comes in a pack of Three.

We do not supply the Belle Madame Collection to Canada or Sweden. Apologies for any inconvenience.

Regular price £10.00 Price £9.00
Synovation Conditioning Spray -10%
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Synovation Conditioning Spray

An everyday spray in, leave in conditioner from our Synovation collection of aftercare products, specially designed to help nurture, protect and deodorise wigs and hairpieces.

Regular price £6.04 Price £5.44
Synovation Fibre Oil -10%
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Synovation Fibre Oil

From our specially formulated Synovation collection of aftercare products, the Synovation Fibre Oil is a water-based, lustre gloss formula which helps to eliminate tangles and lubricate fibres to make all hair-types look and feel naturally healthy and glossy.

Regular price £6.62 Price £5.96
Synovation Finishing Spray -10%
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Synovation Finishing Spray

From our specially formulated Synovation collection of aftercare products, the Finishing Spray is a light, water-based hairspray that holds styles without any stiffness and brushes and washes out easily.

Regular price £7.08 Price £6.38
Synovation Revitaliser -10%
  • Reduced price

Synovation Revitaliser

The Synovation Revitaliser is a gentle soak formula in a delightful fragrance of mint and cucumber, especially formulated to nourish and protect fibres.

Regular price £6.04 Price £5.44
Synovation Shampoo -10%
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Synovation Shampoo

From our specially formulated Synovation collection of aftercare products. 

Regular price £5.21 Price £4.69
Synovation Travel Set -10%
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Synovation Travel Set

The Synovation collection has been especially designed to nurture and protect wigs and hairpieces and comes in a delightful fragrance of cucumber and mint.

Regular price £14.88 Price £13.39