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Comfy Grip Deluxe Headband

Get a grip on your wig with the world’s most unique concept therapeutic headband. Provides peace of mind by making your wig more comfortable and preventing it from slipping.

Regular price £24.17 Price £21.75

Headline It! Wig Liner

Headline it! is a thin disposable liner that affixes securely inside any wig to form a protective, breathable barrier.

Regular price £19.17 Price £17.25

Silicon Plaster

Soft skin-friendly silicone-PU for lace-fronts, can be cut to size with long lasting adhesive power.
Eliminates itching and minimizes allergic reactions.  Comes in a pack of Three.

We do not supply the Belle Madame Collection to Canada or Sweden. Apologies for any inconvenience.

Regular price £10.00 Price £9.00

Trendco Colour Swatch

Noriko, Hi Fasion and Amore.

Wig Colour Rings or Swatches are available for you to match your hair to the best possible shade for your new wig.

This item is non returnable.

Regular price £25.00 Price £22.50